Thank You!

Our deepest thanks and gratitute to all who attended and assisted in our wedding. We couldn't have done it without the time, effort and care that all of you contributed.

A special thanks to our families and those who stood in our ceremony who put so much into the planning, logistics and day of duties. Our wedding truly would not be possible without all of your help.

-Sean and Shawn

And Now Pictures

Please visit our flickr pages to see our informal wedding photos, our rehearsal photos and our honeymoon photos.

If you attended our wedding you will be soon receiving information on how to access and obtain copies from our official wedding photos.


Have trouble accessing or obtaining our pictures? Contact Sean via e-mail or via phone at 415.710.2287.
We'd also love to see your pictures, please send us a link and we'll inlcude them in our set.

Our wedding has already taken place but if you're interested in seeing what we did for our site please visit our archived wedding pages.